Canon 5D Mark III test in real world

Hi all,
So i have the 5D Mark 3 for about 3 weeks now. after using it in real world situation for work. I would say it is worth the upgrade.

here are some of my photos from the new Canon 5D Mk III in different settings.

Canon 5D Mk3 ISO test

this is the first 3 frames i took with the new camera, SOOC, testing the different ISO. i would say 6400 is totally useable and no need to do any noise reduction. at 12800 is useable with some noise reduction applied in post. and 102400 would be okay for web sized snap shots in the dark.


this one was shot with 70-200 2.8L IS at 70mm, ISO 6400. i would say the noise in the shadows are very nice, not distracting at all.


70-200 2.8 L IS @ 100mm, ISO 1000


70-200 2.8L IS @ 148mm, ISO 6400


70-200 2.8L IS @ 70mm, ISO 400


Sigma 50mm 1.4 EX ISO 800


Sigma 50mm 1.4 EX ISO 100

i am in the process making a interview video for Mark Moore Gallery, and will update a link once i am done with the edit.

i would say the new All-i compression makes the file a bit larger, and i feel like the video is a tad sharper.


Fuji X100 in brown?

so i did some tricks and made the Fuji X100 in brown. tell me what you think.

Fuji X100 in Brown

Brown colored Fuji X100

Fuji X100 in Brown

Brown colored Fuji X100

My impression with the new Fuji X100

This is my first impression of the New Fuji X100. I wouldn’t say this is a full blown review, but i can tell you that this is my personal experience with the new Fuji X100 after playing with it for 5 days.
I have been looking for a decent compact size digital camera for quite some time now. I was really close to get the Olympus EP2, the Sony NEX-5, and the Panasonic GF2 until i heard about the new Fuji X100. After doing intensive reviews online, i’ve decided to pre-ordered mine. Due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, i finally got mine from Amazon last week.

Note: my camera was shipped out the 1st week of May and it actually came with firmware 1.0.1(updated version). I use a 8GB Panasonic Class 10 SDHC card, so I didn’t feel the lag like some other users did. Start up time was reasonable, and read/write time is acceptable.
We all know the Fuji X100’s spec on paper, but lets see how does it perform.

Here are a list of features i absolute love about this camera. (not in any particular order)

High ISO performance.

F2.0 1/1000 ISO 6400

F2.0 1/1000 ISO 6400

F2.0 1/1000 ISO 12800

F2.0 1/1000 ISO 12800

low light night shots

F2.0 1/20 ISO 5000

F2.0 1/20 ISO 5000

F2.0 1/15 ISO 3200

F2.0 1/15 ISO 3200

Images shot around ISO 3200 are very usable.

Beautiful Skin tones
Outstanding Bokeh

F2.0 1/350 ISO 200

F2.0 1/350 ISO 200

F2.0 1/340 ISO 200

F2.0 1/340 ISO 200

Extremely Sharp when in Focus

F2.0 1/1000 ISO 200

F2.0 1/1000 ISO 200

F2.0 1/800 ISO 200

F2.0 1/800 ISO 200

the Hybrid Viewfinder
At first i thought the Hybrid Viewfinder is just a hype, but after using it for 5 days straight. i am in love with how the digital imposed overlay display right after a photo is taken. and how the digital information lay on top of the bright Optical Viewfinder when shooting.
Leaf Shutter
With leaf shutter, i am be able to do high-speed sync with the flash and with external flash.

F4 1/2000 ISO 200 with Canon 480 EXII flash

F4 1/2000 ISO 200 with Canon 480 EXII flash

f4 1/2000 ISO 200 with Canon 480 EXII Flash

f4 1/2000 ISO 200 with Canon 480 EXII Flash

And there are also a couple of “issues” i wish Fuji can fix
The electronic Focus by Wire system is quite annoying in Manual Focus mode. and in low light, Autofocus may become a slight issue.

Battery life
The battery life is not the best, so having an extra battery would be very handy.

Video Mode
Well, i didn’t expect this to be a video camera, and of course the performance of the Fuji X100 is not going to compare with a Canon 5D2 or Canon 7D, 60D, but I just wish Fuji could give us an option setting Aperture and Shutter Speed in manual, oh and if we can use manual focus in video would be much appreciated.

Filter ring, adapter, hood, etc
Well i love how the camera is built, i wish Fuji could make it a little bit easier to attach a Lens UV Filter on the X100. Though i think the build quality on the X100 is superb, i would like it to be more rugged built if i am going to take this camera everywhere I go. ie, weather sealed and a friendly UV filter thread. I can see myself getting a leather case and lens hood/filter once it becomes more available online, but until then, I would have to be very careful using/carrying it.

I do agree with other reviews on the web saying the menu and buttons on the camera are hard to navigate, but i think this is something we have to get used to.

I truly like this camera a lot and i do see my self carry the Fuji X100 everywhere I go.
To sums up my “experience” with Fuji X100. i would give it a 8.5 out of 10.
The Fuji X100 is not going to replace your DSLR, and it is NOT a DSLR. I also feel like this is not a “Point and Shoot” either, because you will need to do a little bit more than point and shoot. i do find myself changing the ISO, ND filter, Aperture, and Shutter speed every so often, but i suggest you could leave everything in Auto and just shoot away…(but whats the fun of that?)
If you understand how to work your camera in Manual mode. then i think you will quickly get used to this camera and fall in love with it too. The Fuji X100 would be a camera that add on to your current camera collections, its for the serious hobbyist, for the ones who are into photography, and are willing to play everything in Manual mode, and for the creative individuals. The Fuji X100 a perfect camera to take notes with, to snap something that inspires you, and simply to capture the moments.
Yes, there are many settings on this camera and it may not respond (focus) as fast as you wish. But this camera sure takes great photos if you can work it right.

A camera is just a tool and its all about how you use it.

below is an unboxing video with some sample images I made.


Silver Lake Jubilee with the new Fuji X100

It was a beautiful weekend in Los Angeles, so i decided to test the new Fuji X100 at the Silver Lake Jubilee. The More I use the X100, the more i love every aspect of it. Yes, there are some little “issues” here and there i wish this camera would perform better. the Auto Focus isn’t all there and in low light i do come across with some issue with focusing, even in manual focus mode ( I really dislike the Focus by Wire design on the X100) However, i do enjoy the high-speed sync flash with the leaf shutter. i didn’t feel like this camera is “slow” like others say. i used a Panasonic SDHC Class 10 8GB card and it boost up in under 3 seconds and no delay in taking photos.

The Silver Lake Jubilee is a 2 day music and art festival in Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. some of the bands that played were The Little Ones, Crystal Antlers, Dante vs Zombies, Twilight Sleep, We Are the World, Love Gernades, Jail Weddings, Rainbow Arabia, Audacity, TRMS, and many more. for more of the festival information go to

to view the full set from the Jubilee Festival by Sans35(willteeyang) click here

coachella 2010 photos

Here it is. Photos from Coachella 2010.

first of all, i want to thank John and Monica for the last minute Coachella Tickets.
and thanks to Alex for able to re-arange the lodging situation.
overall it was an epic weekend, minus the traffic and living off 7 hrs of sleep total.

The Lovely Zooey Deschanel in She & Him.

the stage for jay z is amazing, and the sound was really really really good.
Day 2

The XX

Hot Chip

Paris Hilton hanging out on stage while MGMT was performing.

Day 3

Mayer Hawthorne

The Glitch Mobb

Kids in undies

Sunny day real estate


Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke

and Gorillaz from far away. since we were so tired and didnt wanna sit through traffic. we bounced early.
there are more photos posted on the main site.
check the partyphotos section for all coachella photos and music loves fashion photos.


also if you are interested. you can view coachella 2009’s photos below at
coachella 2009 day 1 part 1
coachella 2009 day 1 part 2

Peanut Butter Wolf’s 999 Tour

Stonesthrow records presents: Peanut Butter Wolf’s 999 Tour
9 nights, 9 area code, all 90’s

so i was lucky enough to attend 4 out of the 9 crazy nights at this tour with Peanut Butter Wolf.
the 1st 999 was at the glass house in pomona with Prince paul, dj muggs from cypress hill, dam funk, mayer hawthrone, and pase rock!
area code:909

if you happened to be at this show, or just want to check out the photos. click the link below for the full set.

and then i went to the 4th 999 party which was held at Love Made @ Detroit bar in costa mesa. area code: 949
wendy city and bbguns from colossal knxn also joined the forces.

and for the full album. click below

and then its the fullerton show, area code: 714
ive never seen the Continental room this packed before. it was ridiculous!! it was for sure a great success!

Dj Bobby soul was kind enough to let me get behind the bar to get some killer shots.

Peanut Butter Wolf knows how to throw down some sick tunes from the 90s
the video set was amazing

for the full set, click the image below

and last night was the final 9 9 9!
at the Yard in venice.
9 DJs spinning 90s music on 09-09-09 and it started at 09:09 pm. and its $9.99 to get in!
Mr.French, Romes, rhetimatic, mayer hawthrone, j rocc, a-trak, peanut butter wolf, arabian prince, dam-funk were the 9 djs.
steve aoki even made an appearance. it was def. the place to be on 09-09-09!!!
the limited edition peanut butter wolf edition converse!!!(later it got stolen,ofcourse)

for more photos, click the link below!!!

Girl Talk at the Pomona Fox Theatre

omg. Girl Talk is so amazing live.
first of all, thanks to Kaffine Buzz for the photo pass.
Girl Talk was killing it on July 24th 2009 @ the Fox Theatre in pomona.
i still cannot believe how he did it.
everyone was so hyped up it was insane.

oh in order to get in all you need is 1 can of squirt. but on the website it says 36. so its kind of funny to see every kids outside poring out squirt just to get 36 cans in a trash bag.

the fox theatre is very nice indeed.

toilet paper everywhere

Girl Talk is one of the nicest guy out there.

for more photos go to my partyphotos site.

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